"[TMS] has changed my life in many, many ways! Life has become meaningful to me. I love waking up each day, and wondering what the day holds. I have found myself looking forward and doing things I would never do. I am more social; not so inhibited in social settings. As I sit here, in this building where I hated life 2 and ½ months ago, I can't believe how much my life has changed, my depression is gone. The wish to "please take me, do not let me wake up and let me die," is no longer present. I really care now and can focus on life. I seem to enjoy being in public now. I seem to realize what living and being happy is. I do not sleep all weekend; I do not walk around like I am in a coma with no smile.

My husband asked me 3 months ago if I could wait until fall to do this and I said "I would not be here in 3 months if I do not do TMS!!! I wish I knew about it years ago!" People who knew I was doing TMS can tell a huge difference: smile, brightness, focus, glow, happiness, wanting life, and awake!
- JK

"I would like to say that TMS Therapy gave me back my life, but it gave me something I have never had before, a life without depression. I had very conflicted feelings when I signed up for this treatment. I was skeptical, ashamed, embarrassed, scared, angry, and I felt like I was defective, that I was so broken it had come to this. I thought I was damaged goods. I won't sugar coat it, the first 2 to 3 weeks were painful. There was a lot of self-pity and anger within me. After about the 3rd week, the glass gray eye shield I had been viewing the world through shattered. I felt like a new person. It was bitter-sweet. I say that because, I was elated to rediscover myself, but I was sad when I would have flash backs as to how things used to go in my life. I would remember how hopeless I felt, and that made me so sad, because there was a cure. It wasn't my fault, which I had spent my life convincing myself it was and the people I love would be better off without me. I not only met all of my goals, I overcame my anxiety of letting other people I see suffering nown about this treatment and the success I had. I remember overhearing my husband talking to his mom who also has depression, tell her, "Mom, it's like night and day! My wife isn't sad anymore". I just cried because I love him so much. He deserves my best. I've also battled cancer three times. My mood has significant impact on my health. I have had clear scans and I'm also an ICU RN on the night shift. TMS shed a whole new brilliant light on my life I never knew was possible. I can't wait to now be a depression free mom this year. Please do this for yourself and your family."
- HJ

"I am so much better in my thinking and my mood is much improved. I no longer go to that dark place and feel sorry for myself. TMS has changed my life for the better. No amount of drugs or therapy could have achieved so much in such a short period of time!"
- Adam

"It is absolutely amazing how this treatment can affect your mind. At the end of my treatment…I felt the best I had felt in a long time. The improvement was more than I had ever had from any medication. I wish TMS had been developed years ago!!!"
- PPTC Patient

"After having completed TMS I don't think about killing myself anymore. TMS has allowed me to start thinking about life and how I want to live it now that I feel like living. I was tired of wanting to die all the time, and, now I'm ready to relearn what living is all about!"
- PPTC Patient

"My depression, unwillingness to do anything, sadness, melancholic state of heart and mind, sleeplessness and state of feeling enervated, all disappeared rapidly during my TMS treatment and I truly recovered like I never had such symptoms. I will forever be thankful for this treatment!"
- PPTC Patient

"I was going to get shock treatment but I saw a girl that had it and lost 10 years of memory. I had tried many meds for a long time. After TMS, I feel better about things and laugh hard. I feel great now!" - PPCT Patient

"TMS Therapy has made a tremendous difference in the quality of my life. My depression is completely alleviated to such an extent that I can enjoy my life, make plans, decisions and interact positively again with others. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this therapy. In fact, I sincerely would like to see TMS become a first choice treatment in lieu of medications. There have been NO side effects from the treatment, nor does it require continued maintenance. It is almost miraculous in my experience."
- Cleo

"I was very excited when I was introduced to TMS Therapy. I had already suffered through many prescription changes with very few positive results. I would usually become more agitated, dull, or lifeless in my encounter with others. Neurostar TMS has restored my enthusiasm for life and my clarity of thought. Thank you TMS!"
- B.C.

"Before TMS, I was so depressed, I wasn't able to function at ALL. After receiving treatment I was back to work, feeling great and ENJOYING my family again."
- PPTC Patient

"Six weeks of TMS treatment did MORE for me than 15 YEARS of medication!"
- LG